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    Thursday, January 27, 2005


    I was recently referred to a great site for those aspiring doctors, dentists and pharmacists. It's called the Student Doctor Network (SDN). This site has forums for talking about medical school, blogs by medical students, tips on applying, and the ultra-popular interview feedback pages. These pages allow prospective students to answer questions and describe their interviewing experience by school.

    The feedback questionaires are anonymous by design. My coworker (who is applying to dental school) stumbled upon a report of an interview at
    UCLA that seriously disturbed me. I wish someone who reads this site to help me dig deeper into this. I assume her (also assuming that) post is legit, because the site is not too large to warrant a farce, and there aren't many posts like it (suggesting the type of person posting would not be inclined to do something like this).

    Either way, I would ask that everyone applying use caution. I bet this happens far more than is admitted. Again, if anyone finds similar stories or can link them back to this post, I would be interested to know more.

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