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    Thursday, January 27, 2005

    Super Bowl Picks

    Well, I was right...sort of.

    I picked both the Eagles and Patriots to win the NFC and AFC championships respectively. I did think the games would be closer than how they ended up.

    So now I am sad because the Steelers lost. I want the Eagles--not because of T.O. I think he's a disgrace, even though he can play ball. I want the Eagles because I want Andy Reid, Chad Lewis (who unfortunately cannot play because of an ankle injury), and Donovan McNabb to win.

    But I said it last post: Don't bet against the Patriots. Without Bill Belichek, I could feel safe picking the Eagles. However, as long as he is at the helm, the Patriots are the team to beat.

    This one will be hard fought. Patriots lead the whole way. In the end, Patriots win, 30-26.

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