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    Tuesday, January 11, 2005

    Colt Coach not so Classy

    Just a quick update...

    Last night I watched Sportcenter for about 30 minutes and 15 of that was taken up by sports announcers and players on both teams debating whether or not Randy Moss deserved to be fined. Colts coach Tony Dungy excused the incident by recounting the age-old tradition of Green Bay fans mooning the visiting players' bus as it leaves the stadium if GB won.

    Why does everyone in today's world have to excuse actions deemed wrong by the majority? If all the time and effort people spent in making up excuses was put into rectifying grievances after apologizing, this world would be a lot better off. We have already seen that being doused with beer is not enough to provoke fighting (Pacers-Pistons).

    Ultimately it is a sad commentary on the state of our culture. It mirrors the kid who says "Sorry, your honor, but I bashed in his windshield because he mooned me on the bus the day before." The excuse doesn't exonerate--your actions make you guilty.

    p.s. all the pontificating of sports reporters has me wondering why our football national champion is decided by 65 sports reporters across the nation? That's akin to letting 65 political analysts from various news agencies pick our president.

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