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    Tuesday, January 11, 2005

    Immoral media

    Alright, so I get in my car to go buy soccer cleats (which GARTS sports did not have--more on that later) and I hear someone on the radio rant about the Republican payoff to reporters. If anyone knows more on the subject, please comment. Basically, the allegations are that good ole' GW is paying reporters to create fake stories that cast the republicans in good light, or at least slant their commentaries towards the republican party. The radio guy was incensed. I bet it happens with both parties, and has happened for a long time. Maybe that's just the cynic in me talking.

    On a related note, the all-powerful Republicans have drawn blood again in the media scandals that plagued the election. Today the Wall Street Journal reported that four execs from CBS have been asked to resign over the letter-gate scandal (you need a membership to view the link). Although the Democrats are calling it Republican head-hunting, the fact is that Americans--like I--don't want this happening for either party. Scandals like this for either party seriously undermine Americans' faith in their political process, and probably contribute to the low voter turnout this year (even after everyone predicted otherwise).

    How can we fight for democracy abroad, if we don't like it at home?

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