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    Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    Winner! 2013 TBE Play For A Cause!

    Well, March Madness is far over, and the payments have finally come, so let's give credit where credit is due: congratulations to Julie and her charity, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance!

    Unlike last year, the battle royale lasted until the championship game. Julie and James, long hovering in the middle of the pack, rose slowly and steadily as people's championship picks were eliminated. In the Final Four, James' wife was eliminated when Syracuse bit the bullet. The championship game featured Marc for Michigan and Julie/James for Louisville.
    The game was exciting, as Louisville mounted a fierce comeback at the end of the first half to make a game of it, and pulled away just enough in the second half to seal the deal. BUT, that only eliminated Marc. We had to go to the tiebreaker - absolute value of game score guessed vs actual game score - to find out if James or Julie would be the winner. With an absolute value of 12 vs 18, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance won the day.

     The best part about everything is the $200 raised for ovarian cancer research and awareness. Together we all had fun and pooled resources to give a gift that can truly make a difference.