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    Thursday, January 13, 2005

    Supreme Court Rules on Federal Sentencing Guidelines

    Today the Wall Street Journal reported that the Supreme court struck down federal sentencing guidelines in a pair of 5-4 decisions. The rules, in place for more than 20 years, outlined mandatory sentences for federal offenders, and came under scrutiny when efforts were made in the state of Washington to increase time for felons deemed in leadership roles, etc.

    I am not well-versed in law (see Eugene Volokh or Matt for that) however it strikes me as a good play. Why not put some faith in our justice system to meet out punishments fit for the crime? Why do we need to micromanage everything? I don't know what policy implications or checks and balances implications this might have, but I do know from leading various organizations that if you teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves (or put another way, teach subordinates the broad scope and powers of their respective jobs, and let them get it done) organizations run efficiently. Can't America be the same?

    Maybe I'm playing devil's advocate (which I do alot), but isn't it ironic that a people who consider themselves the most enlightened people, living in the most enlightened age in the history of the world, still don't trust others to also act in an enlightened manner? Food for thought.

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