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    Tuesday, January 11, 2005


    Congratulations to the students of Brigham Young University. I was on campus today at 5:30pm MST and the national anthem started playing as the ROTC retired the flag. Everyone on campus stopped, put their hands over their hearts, and waited for the ceremony to end before moving on. Out of 30 people (or so) in eyesight I only saw one person continue to walk.

    I have often wondered how people could be disrespectful and walk during a ceremony like that. I personally dislike many things about America, but it is still the country that I call home, give my citizenship, and try to build--through positive support and criticism. If I was in another country, I would do whatever possible to respect their country, flag, anthem, and ceremonies. It bothers me that people from other countries might not do the same, and it REALLY bothers me when Americans won't do it for their own country.

    Congrats to the students of BYU who showed me, for a brief moment, that there still are some people in America with decency and respect.

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