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    Thursday, March 22, 2012

    TBE Play For A Cause 2012

    March Madness is here, and it is definitely mad.

    This year the "TBE Play For A Cause" charity pool is larger than ever before, yet at least 5-6 stalwarts from years past are absent. Think how much we could have raised for charity if life wasn't so hectic this year right around Selection Sunday?

    The tournament has had its share of upsets and fantastic moments, but not the "usual" upsets - the 5 vs 12 seeds and 7 vs 10 seeds upsets have been few and far between. Yet, this year we saw TWO 15 seeds beat 2 seeds when in the past 28 years (since the tournament was expanded to 64 teams) number 2 seeds were 106-4. Yes, that's a 96.4% winning percentage. Now it's 94.6%.

    And so, with the first two rounds of March Madness in the books, the world took a collective breath over the last couple days awaiting the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight.

    So, this is a good time to introduce this year's charities:

    ASPCA (Andres)
    Children's Advocacy Center (Chrissy)
    Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (Dennis, 2009 Champion)
    Harvesters (Nathan)
    Invisible Children (David)
    Make-A-Wish (Sara, 2008 Champion for Heifer International)
    Ovarian Cancer Alliance (Julie)
    Pan Can (Michael)
    Red Cross Japan (Nahoko)
    Shared Hope International (Triet)
    Texas Children's Child Life (Marc)
    Vittana (Matthew)

    Worthy causes, all. After two rounds, these are the standings (points in parentheses):

    1. Ovarian Cancer Alliance (440)
    2. ASPCA (430)
    3. Harvesters (410)
    3. Invisible Children (410)
    3. Texas Children's Child Life (410)
    6. Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (400)
    7. Red Cross Japan (390)
    8. Shared Hope International (380)
    9. Children's Advocacy Center (360)
    10. Make-A-Wish (350)
    11. Vittana (340)
    12. Pan Can (330)

    Most people have Kentucky as champions, but Michigan State, UNC, and Syracuse are all picked as well, so it really is still anyone's game.

    And THAT is what makes March Madness so mad. The Sweet Sixteen starts tonight. Let the games begin!