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    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    Two cents on Matt Leinart

    No, he is not from China, or recalling toys.

    The pro football season is well underway now, and one of the many surprises this year is the 2-2 Cardinals. Why is 0.500 so good? Because the Cardinals never have been. That's why. So, when they beat the 3-1 Steelers last Sunday, 21-14, people should be partying in the streets, right??

    NOTE for my Vietnamese readers: In American pro football, teams play a 16 game season, so 25% of the season is already done. That mean's there's actually quite a difference in talent between a team with 3 wins and 1 loss (the Steelers) and a 2 win 2 loss team (the Cardinals).

    Scoring comes basically in either 3 or 7 points depending on what you do. So, a close game is decided by 1-5 points.

    Finally, each team has 11 players on offense and 11 on defense. The leader of the offense is called the "quarterback."

    Matt Leinart, the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, was pulled from the game late in the first half in favor of Kurt Warner. Kurt plays better with little time,and he played well as expected. Leinart came back in the game at the end of the game and directed the winning score.

    After the game Leinart comments that,
    "I just want them to ride or die with me," Leinart told Yahoo!. "If I'm the franchise quarterback, play me and let me stumble, because I'll fight through it, and that will help me and our team in the long run. I know coaches want to win now, and I guess they have their reasons. But I don't understand it, and this switching back and forth is almost worse than getting benched."

    All the pundits on TV have gotten all tangled up in their underwear because he's complaining after a WIN. Plus he's complaining to the public. Therefore he's not a team player.

    Yeah, yeah, that may be true. The one thing people have forgotten is why he's saying this. He's not trying to play football. He wants to be a star. Some people say a movie star. No, he wants to be a Paris Hilton star. That's why he's slept with Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears, and parties like them, and lives that life.

    Interestingly, the other big story from the NFL this season is the reincarnation of Brett Farve. He's one of the best quarterbacks of all time. However, he too was drafted by a team (Atlanta) and then traded to another team (Green Bay) because he wasn't a good quarterback. He partied all night, never studied his plays, and slept through team meetings. Once in Green Bay, he woke up and changed and became great. This season he's amazing, because he's working more than ever before.

    This isn't coach Ken Whisenhunt's decision to make. He'll play whichever quarterback he has ready. Right now, it's not Leinart's decision either. He's already picked star over quarterback, and unless he starts studying and working, he'll never amount to either.