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    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    I'm Alive!!!

    That is my long excuse for not posting for two months

    That's what I imagined my baby boy said on October 3rd.

    Yes, I do have an excuse for not posting in almost two months.

    As you can see, my last post was October 2nd, 2007. That's because, that night, after telling people at school he could come any day, I went to bed confident he wouldn't come until the weekend. About 3:30-3:45ish in the morning, I hear an,

    "Anh. Anh! Wake up! I think my water broke."
    *still groggy* "...ugh, what?? Are you sure?"
    "I don't know. I had to go to the bathroom, and it just keeps coming."
    "What color is it?"
    "Clear, I guess..."
    "Ok, ok...let's think...go stand in the bathtub for now so it doesn't get everywhere, and I'll grab the bags. What do we need to do now? Any contractions?"
    "Ok...we need to call Kelsey-Seybold and let them know before we head to the -- ah!! -- hospital..."
    "Was that contractions??"
    "Yes, I think so.. --ah!! -- they're coming pretty close toge --ah!! -- already."

    ... a couple seconds later, "Anh, the fluid is clear, kinda rose-ish --ah!--" as she braced herself against the shower wall.

    Flipping open the cell phone, i dialed the doctor's office (on speed dial). After punching all the requisite buttons to navigate the electronic forest I hear a voice on the other end say,

    "Hello sir. How may I help you?"
    "I think my wife is in labor."
    "Ok. And did her water break?"
    "Yes, about 15 minutes ago."
    "Alright, and is she having contractions?"
    "how far apart?"
    "I dunno...how far apart honey?"
    "--ah!-- I think 4 minutes!"
    "Yeah, she says 4 minutes."
    "Already? Are you sure?"
    "Ok, we'll have the doctor on call call you back. If he doesn't call shortly, please call again."

    I got off the phone and paced the room. My wife, still propped in the corner of the shower, continued to wince in pain every couple minutes. She grabbed her abdomen and said "ow ow ow..." then her face would relax as the tension and pain passed.

    Eventually, I called back the receptionist -- the doctor never called. She paged the doctor again. Eventually, he called, and said they were ready; come on over.

    I swung the bags over my shoulder and helped my wife get dressed. With her leaning on me, we went out to the car, backed out, and navigated our way out of the condo complex.

    The hospital was only three blocks and five minutes away. We were at the front door by 4:30am. Popping out of the car, I handed the keys to the valet, grabbed the bags from the back seat, and raced around to the other side to help my wife out. Grabbing the ticket, I walked her to the elevator and up to the labor and delivery ward.

    As told, the nurse staff was expecting us. The room was ready, and they wheeled her into it immediately. I set my stuff down and turned around to do the fatherly duties of filling out papers and paying the hospital.

    The nurses were incredibly nice and skilled. My wife writhed in pain every couple minutes as I held her hand and shot pictures. Eventually, I stepped outside while the anesthesiologist placed the epidural and when I returned, gone were the contorted faces and cries! In front of me was a tired but smiling wife. Those epidurals truly are amazing.

    By 5:45am my wife was dilated 10cm, and we had a choice--go with the on call ob/gyn or wait for our ob/gyn who was in transit. We opted to wait, and promptly about 6:30am he walked in. After taking a quick look at my wife, he gave the orders to prep and walked out.


    After a couple pushes, she was ready. Our ob/gyn reentered, and


    Those epidurals truly are amazing

    Out popped the baby. Our ob/gyn deftly slid his two fingers under the umbilical cord wrapped around the boy's neck, freed him up, and held his wailing body to the world.

    "Waa!! Waa!!"
    "Do you want to cut the cord?" he asked.

    Eagerly, I grabbed the scissors and cut in between the clamps. The doctor tied the knot, and the nurses whisked the baby over to the other side of the room to get weighed and scored. I followed.

    "He scored an APGAR 9" the nurse said. "Let's see how much he weighs....5lbs. 14.5oz. Do you want to take a picture?"
    "Of course! We've got lots of people who want to see this kid," I replied.

    And so entered Braeden into the world, at 7:10am (after only 3 hours of labor) on October 3rd, 2007 and weighing in at 5lbs 14.5 oz and 19 in long.

    That is my long excuse for not posting for two months. The birth of my first baby, exams the two weeks after the birth, and getting used to being a father and a student since then, has taken up almost all of my time.

    Now, however, I promise to reclaim my life -- at least until exams in two weeks or Braeden needs to be held.