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    Monday, January 17, 2005


    Well, well ... we had a good game and some busts. For the record, I picked Steelers 24-14, Patriots 21-17, Falcons 34-20, and Eagles 28-10. My 4-0 record does not mean I'm actually good at picking the winners, so don't base your bets on it. However, I do relish in the fact that I did go 4-0.

    Preliminary picks for this week (a lot can happen in a weeks time):

    I'm not sure how anybody could not pick the Patriots. After wasting the Colts again, I agree with ESPN's Sean Salisbury that Belicheck is probably the best defensive coach ever. Sports Illustrated's Don Banks calls the game "Belichick's masterpiece of all masterpieces." I love the Steelers. I love their running game. I love Ben Roethlisberger. This ones gonna be ugly, but the team I love is gonna lose. Patriots win, 21-17

    In the NFC, I want Philly. No team deserves to be 0-4 in 4 straight championship appearances. I love coach Andy Reid. The way they dismantled the Vikings was what I expected of the Terrel Owens-less Eagles. Atlanta has all the intangibles. They are the underdogs. They have an amazing defense and running game that tends to be forgotten because they are 12-5 instead of 15-2. That combination is the combo that could kill the Eagles. However, this time Vicks proclivity to fumble catches up to them. They control the Eagles for three quarters, but fall in the fourth. Eagles win, 28-24

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