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    Thursday, January 20, 2005

    Copyright Law

    Some people just plain annoy me. I try to be nice…

    In order to be polite, I won’t name names. However, I will give a hypothetical situation:

    Once upon a time I was married, and my wife happened to still be in college. Not only that, but she had to take a class on literature to fulfill a general education requirement. The teacher of the class required each student to write a response paper—basically analyzing with personal opinions anything read in class or seen (i.e. artwork).

    Now, hypothetically, my wife and I do not have internet at home. The teacher refuses to give the students the artwork to critique, instead forcing them to look it up online.

    Here’s the rub: She says the artwork is copyrighted, so she can’t just give it to the students.

    So, now, my hypothetical situation just got really annoying, because I have to go find a place with the internet to surf and find the pictures and then critique them. Since when did classical and baroque paintings become copyrighted? Does Michaelangelo still hold the copyright to the Sistine Chapel? Is he making royalties off of every copy, print, and reference?

    Obviously this is just hypothetical and all, but boy, some people really tick me off.


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