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    Monday, January 10, 2005

    A Class Act

    This weekend was a blessing. The long awaited NFL playoffs arrived. I love sports, because on a playingfield man can exhibit the pinnacles of greatness--health and fitness, daring and courage, strategem, and a thirst to compete and succeed. Unfortunately, watching the Vikings-Packers game left me less than pleased.

    Yesterday Viking receiver Randy Moss mooned Green Bay Packer fans after scoring a fourth quarter touchdown. Comments about the rude character of Green Bay fans were served as justification, but they fall on deaf ears.

    I am hopeful that the NFL will take appropriate action, and thankful for the real "heroes of the gridiron," like the late Reggie White, who understood that choosing a life of playing professional sports also meant choosing a life as a role model for others and using your position and money in society to help those less fortunate.

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