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    Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    Gay birth certificates?

    Fox reports that another battle is starting in Massachussetts. Gay rights activists want the birth certificate changed from Mother and Father to Parent A and Parent B.

    Who would ever want Parent A or Parent B?? Sounds like something born out of a test tube. So impersonal. Gov. Romney wants to add a "Second Parent" line, and activists say that's discriminatory.

    Pardon me, but what's so discriminatory about it?? Sounds to me like somebody's got a burr under their saddle. OR should I say a stick up their ....

    Anyway, I personally disagree with same-sex marriage for a variety of reasons that won't be explained here. But I do respect the rule of law, and same-sex marriage is legal and should not be discriminated against in Massachussetts. However, "parent A" and "parent B" is just plain stupid. It's dispassionate, unnecessary, and slaps every traditional family in the face (and there are far more traditional families than same-sex ones).

    There is no reason that this needs to be changed. Regardless of whether a child is reared in a same-sex household or not, our species requires that every child have a father and a mother. If a "second parent" wants to be put on a birth certificate, so that lineage can be traced through the people raising the child, I think that's magnanimous. But you cannot eliminate the fact that where possible, the father/mother must be noted.

    Hey gay rights activists, you won the right to be married, now leave it alone. This isn't worth your time or others, or the future of the child you say you love and want to rear.

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