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    Monday, August 01, 2005

    Checkmate, President Bush!

    Well done president! You got your nominee. I'm not sure I agree with Bolton in the UN, but it was a fine political move you made to install him as UN ambassador.

    Coincidentally, Clinton made 140 recess appointments to Bush's 106, but I guess G.W. still has a couple years to try and top that. I like this recess appointment thing. It allows some work to be done by the government. The Senate has lost my confidence, as they have become a bickering band of school children--two classes fighting over the same toys. Very puerile.

    I watched Sometimes in April last night. Great film about the Rwandan genocide. It uses actual footage of our media coverage in some areas. Really shows how the political process is screwed up. My favorite line comes when the white house spokeswoman (Clinton was president during the genocide) addressed the reporters and said "acts of genocide" have taken place. A reporter asked what was the difference between "acts of genocide" and "genocide," because the second word requires the UN to move into the country and restore order.

    Her response was to read the UN definition of genocide which is defined in the 1948 treaty as acts of mass killing, committing bodily injury, or putting people in a place as to eradicate their race. Then the reporter asks a classic line.

    "So, if you say that these acts of genocide are taking place, how many acts are needed before it becomes genocide?"

    So, the UN (and America) did nothing and now John Bolton is our amabassador to it. Maybe he'll clean up the mess. If not, he can't make it any worse than it already is.

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