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    Monday, July 04, 2005

    Opera is the best browser in the world

    Ok, so I love the Opera Web Browser. Y'all have heard me rave about it before, but if not, go to Opera's webpage and find out for yourself. Yes, there's still a little compatibility issue with active x, but that's because Microsoft wants to rule the world.

    ANyway, the reason Opera wows me again is Voice. Opera has a voice feature I just found out about. I can say "Opera Page end" and it will scroll to the end of the webpage I am viewing. "Opera back" gives me the last page visited. Best of all is "Opera read" which reads out loud the text on a page. That way I can jaunt over to a webpage, like Steve's, which has a good essay on Hue, or Doug's, which has a great essay on Vietnamese women, and have it read out loud to me while I do something else, or surf another page. Amazing.

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