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    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    Bush's pick

    Well, well, well. Look at what we have here...

    Today President Bush made his nominee for the Supreme Court and I feel relieved. Obviously, I'm not a lawyer, nor a real judicial pundit, and therefore, I don't know much more about John Roberts than what I have read on all the major news websites.

    What I do feel is, I am glad it's him. It seems like Bush picked a candidate that is not too far right as to alienate half of America (not to mention enough senators for a filibuster). I didn't think he'd do that anyway. It also looks like Bush picked what he thought was the best qualified candidate, regardless of race, religion, etc.

    That is what makes me relieved. Talking with a coworker today, I opined that I could care less if all the justices were women, minorities, or white males. I don't care if they are all Buddhists, Muslims, or Christians--as long as they are going to interpret the constitution without being partial to any sect or creed, and are the 9 best judges in the land.

    I also worried that Bush would nominate a female to replace O'Connor. Now, like I said previously, I think it would be great if the all 9 justices were female, providing the 9 best judges were women. But I was hearing people say that a female should be replaced by a female. That, to me, is dividing the court into quotas. I don't want someone to say, 4 justices must always be female, 1 must be asian, one hispanic, one african-american, etc. That neuters the court, because it doesn't allow the 9 most qualified judges to sit. Perhaps, 25 years from now, 4 out of the 9 judges will be Vietnamese-Americans. That would be great...if they are the best judges. But giving quotas, and charging that a female should be replaced by a female, or so forth, opens the court to domination by political party and waters down its ability to adjucate.

    When Reinquist or someone else retires, we may see a woman or minority appointed to the Supreme Court, and I will be extremely happy that they are qualified and willing to serve their country.

    I'm happy for this nominee too, and no court quotas.


    VietPundit said...

    Good post. Agreed with every word. Who knows, one of those Vietnamese-American justices might be you.

    Goy said...

    Great observations! I'd submit that these thoughts on quotas apply wherever the most qualified individual is overlooked through imposition of some distorted, artificial notion of "equality".