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    Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    The Search for the Vietnamese Blog...

    Ok, so it's late at night, and I'm sitting online hoping that my wife is back in Saigon from Phan Thiet, and getting online to talk to me. So far, no such luck...Oh well, she's probably still lounging on the beach at that four-star resort she told about and taunted me with...

    While I'm waiting for my beach-loving wife, I decided to continue the nearly-futile search for the Vietnamese blog. The blog of a Vietnamese person born, raised, and still living in Vietnam, written in Vietnamese. Such is Life! fulfills two of the three requirements, and he's currently working on the third. But I have hope that there is more than just one blog in Vietnam!!

    Here's my journey:

    found the blog of an ex-pat teaching english at Down and Out in Saigon.

    another ex-pat in Vietnam, hasn't written since Jan 2005, at Long Xuyen, Vietnam.

    an ex-pat from West Virginia at No Star Where. He/She however, seems to have links to blogs by Vietnamese students.

    found the ever popular Noodle Pie. If you want a culinary blog from Saigon, this is as good as you get. (also an expat).

    Found it!!! The first blog that satisfies all three...could it be...it seems so. Check out Nowhere Land. It's written in Vietnamese, and from some comments I've read, it seems to be written by a Viet in Vietnam. This one will need verification. Better yet, there's a "Friend's blogs" list that may open many doors...

    another expat in TPHCM, this time working as academic staff at RMIT International University Vietnam.

    found a "blog" that seems to specialize in asian girl photos. I don't know for sure, because my internet filter at work blocks it as pornography, but if you care to check it out, click on See Lai.

    another blog with vietnamese posts at Nobody's fool. Not sure if the author is a viet in vietnam though.

    a blog from Hanoi, in Viet and english. author likes Korean movies. Fresh as rain...

    the blogger is "Oshin" at the viet-language (sometimes) blog Colours of Life. Also check out his/her list of Viet blogs here.

    a vietnamese female banker in Hanoi at Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

    Nhung Pham hasn't written here since February, but in April she wrote as part of a group here.

    I'm starting to think that maybe some Viet blogs do exist, although 4-5 out of 80 million isn't a good percentage.

    a thriving Vietnamese-language blog by three people at Algo. Good pics. Khoai, the main blogger, also blogs at You Needed Me and Collection (although the latter looks abandoned).

    it's in viet, didn't look it over: НИ ПЕРА НИ ПУХА

    Viet Kieu in Saigon: Ms. Nguyen

    Hi There

    The most active and well developed blog in Vietnamese must be Nguoitapviet, by Tran Le Duy Tien. He's a 21 year old young man from Da Nang who is now studying at the University of Calgary. Close to being in Vietnam, right??

    Well, this has been a surprisingly fruitful experience. I am now stoked to find more Viet blogs. However, it is now 3:06am, and my wife never got online, so I am heading home and getting some sleep. If anyone reads some of these blogs a little more closely (obviously I haven't), fill me in on which one's are good and which are not.

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    VietPundit said...

    Thanks for the tips, Triet. I'll check them out.