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    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    Quick thought

    I was just thinking about the bombing in London.

    Everybody questions and hypothesizes about varying ways we can protect ourselves from terrorists. This is a necessary thing. Obviously, it's the house owner's responsibility to lock his or her doors before going to bed. You don't outsource that.


    Maybe another way, an effective way, of putting pressure on terrorists, is to call for Muslims in Europe and America to start putting very vocal pressure on the terrorists to stop. Since they often hide behind their religion and their ideology as a shield, a very vocal muslim population--who's majority does not and never did condone terrorism--could place very effective pressure on would-be terrorists.

    The genesis of my thought comes from Europe. It seems that in these bombings, radical clerics played a role in inciting and convincing the bombers to carry out their deeds. What a powerful sight it would be to see the Muslim community of Leeds stand up in a picket line outside a mosque where a radical cleric speaks, with signs, saying "don't listen to this cleric! He doesn't teach true islam! Terror isn't the way!"

    Maybe the pictures of that sight would help someone, somewhere, decide not to go hear a firebrand cleric preach hate of all peoples, but instead visits the other mosque down the street where he or she learns about Allah's love. Maybe that line convinces just one person not to cross it and enter the mosque. Maybe that stops one more bomb from going off in another city like London.

    Wouldn't that be great?

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    MGO said...

    I was going to say that you were quite an idealist... I have to admit I feel old sometimes, and cynical, the more I learn about these London bombings.

    But it does look like there are some protests in various places around the world (but admittedly, not in the US or UK). Still, I haven't heard anything from major Muslim groups that unequivocally reject terror without saying, "but, ..."