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    Saturday, June 18, 2005

    MCAT Scores!

    So, thursday rolled around and MCAT scores were posted on the net. I was scared. Soooo scared. That test was the hardest test I'd ever taken. As I went to the site, and typed in my sn and password, all I could think was "What if I get a 29? Do I retake the test?"

    When I looked at my score, the first thing I saw was "Series: 29." "Ah, crap," I thought, "looks like I did get that 29." But then I kept scanning right. Verbal Reasoning: 12. Physical Science: 10. Writing Sample:Q. Biological Sciences:12. Total Score: 34Q.

    And I sat there shocked. "34?? Could it be true?? Did I get a 34??" I was so shocked all I could do was close my eyes, and breathe in slowly. When I opened my eyes again, the score was still there and reality struck. I got a 34! The elation is hard to describe. The MCAT score counts for so much of an application into medical school that I didn't even look at schools to apply to before receiving my score. I didn't want to hope for Johns Hopkins, or Baylor, and get a 29, and not be able to apply.

    But a 34 allows me to apply anywhere. I have a good chance of getting in to a good medical school. And that puts me one step close to becoming a great doctor and helping to make a difference in peoples lives.

    Ah the relief...

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