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    Tuesday, June 07, 2005

    Disposable camcorder?

    I just read in the Wall Street Journal that CVS is selling disposable camcorders. What a great idea! They will sell for $30 and
    With the new single-use camera, a person will be able to take footage for a total of 20 minutes, bring the camera back to the pharmacy's one-hour DVD mini-lab and, for a $12.99 processing fee, receive a disk ready for viewing on a DVD player or a computer. The camera is made by Pure Digital Technologies Inc., a closely held San Francisco company that last year launched single-use digital cameras for taking still pictures, sold at CVS, Target Corp., Rite Aid Corp. and elsewhere.
    With my love for the outdoors, these 5 oz gizmos will be great for taking to the top of Grand Teton Mountain, or sending with my wife to Vietnam.

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