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    Monday, June 06, 2005

    Illegal Marijuana

    Just heard that the supreme court decided, 6-3, that marijuana should stay illegal, even for medicinal purposes only. Eugene Volokh agrees, but has a little critique of Justice Thomas. In fact, check out all his posts about Raich on his website.

    A general overview of the case can be found at CNN.com. Angel Raich and one other person sued John Ashcroft for barring marijuana for medicinal use. This case is important for more than those who want to smoke pot, or are sick, because it tackles federalism again. Does federal law supplant state law? This means that
    "If medical marijuana advocates want to get their views successfully presented, they have to go to Congress; they can't go to the states, because it's really the federal government that's in charge here," [CNN Senior Legal Analyst Jeffrey] Toobin said.
    For a good debate by many law professors on the verdict and ramifications, visit Scotusblog.

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