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    Wednesday, June 15, 2005

    Gold Medal Pizza

    Yesterday the lab and I went to Gold Medal Pizza. There's no webpage because it's a startup company by a student here in Provo, UT. However, it's above "Thai Ruby," the local Thai food restaurant, at 744E 820N in Provo.
    Gold Medal Pizza

    Businesses in this spot struggle. You have to walk up stairs to reach the restaurant, while dodging the Thai food and Clean Flicks movies below (the door is inbetween both stores). Really the only problem is the parking, which is minimal during the day because of BYU's monopoly.

    Inside the restaurant, we had a good time. There are large picture windows letting you look out over campus, and two plasma tvs so you can eat your pizza and watch the game. We spent the 20 minutes waiting for our pizza laughing and discussing the things that make men/women attractive to the other sex (I will not elaborate).

    When the pizza came it was amazingly good. Provo is a pizza market, like many college towns, and the reigning champion is Brick Oven Pizza. Gold Medal Pizza's gimmick is the "medals"--pizzas with up to four toppings shaped like cinnamon rolls. I got six for $5.49. It was worth every penny.

    Anyway, if you want a large place with italian food and good pizza (and root beer), you're still gonna head to Brick Oven. But if you are just looking for pizza, Gold Medal Pizza takes the gold.

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