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    Tuesday, May 31, 2005

    My home...

    Saw a post at Ron's site that ranked the best cities for him. Thought I'd try it out myself.

    Found Find your spot.com and went through a grueling 8 page application plus signing up for whatever they do, and got this list:
    1. Jacksonville, Florida
    2. Charleston, South Carolina
    3. Houston, Texas
    4. San Antonio, Texas
    5. Memphis, Tennessee
    6. Knoxville, Tennessee
    7. Orlando, Florida
    8. Austin, Texas
    9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    10. West Palm Beach, Florida
    11. Fort Worth, Texas
    12. Louisville, Kentucky
    13. Tampa, Florida
    14. El Paso, Texas
    15. Miami, Florida
    16. Nashville, Tennessee
    17. Dallas, Texas
    18. Birmingham, Alabama
    19. Bryan-College Station, Texas
    20. Gainesville, Florida
    21. Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi
    22. Tallahassee, Florida
    23. Jackson, Mississippi
    24. Athens, Georgia

    I bolded all the cities from the great state of TEXAS. Notice 7 out of the top 20 are from Texas, and the highest ranked, Houston (#3), happens to be my home town.

    Then I went to Zenhex.com, a much easier quiz, and got this result:

    Houston, TX
    You belong in Houston..........The Magnolia City. You would like a good beer and barbeque. Probably some country music too.

    I think this cements it. I need to go home...

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