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    Saturday, May 07, 2005

    Law & Order: SVU

    Ok, so I have the closest thing to a tv show I actually watch--Law & Order:SVU. Actually, it's more like I watch it late at night on USA while typing away on my laptop, eating dinner, or cleaning house.

    I found the original Law & Order interesting when I caught it--randomly and sporadically at best--however, SVU seems to me the best written of the spin-offs.

    I must admit, having seen so many episodes in a short period of time (they run back to back some times on USA), the plots are starting to get predictable. However, what keeps me watching are the characters of Elliot and Olivia, Munch and Fin, deal with the personal issues of working sex crimes.

    I, like probably most people, consider sex crimes--particularly those involving children--as the worst of all crimes. This is probably due to their psychological nature. Murder ends the suffering of the victim, and those around the tragedy have some closure after trial. However, sex is so pervasive in society, that the pains inflicted on the victim must be relived every time he or she watches tv, or is intimate with a significant other. Dealing with those crimes on a daily basis must undoubtably take a toll, and it is interesting to see how these characters deal with the stress.

    Anyway, watch it if you like that kind of stuff. I put it right up there with my Iron Chef, and Anime.

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