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    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    Dave Chappelle in Psyche Facility

    This news broke last night about 1am--Dave Chappelle has been reportedly at a psyche facility in South Africa for the last couple weeks, explaining his mysterious disapearance and absence from the set of The Chappelle Show over the past couple weeks.

    Entertainment Weekly said
    Quoting an unnamed source "close to the situation," Entertainment Weekly said Wednesday that the comedian flew to South Africa late last month and voluntarily checked himself into the undisclosed facility. There is no word on the nature of his ailment or how long he will be hospitalized.

    ...The EW report trumps earlier speculation in the latest edition of Newsweek. Several unnamed friends of the entertainer posited different theories explaining his absence to the newsmag. One said Chappelle "freaked" and didn't know how to deal with the breakout success of Chappelle's Show, which has become a full-blown pop-culture phenomenon and led to Chappelle signing an unprecedented $50 million contract last summer. The deal came in the wake of the sketch comedy's record-setting first-season DVD sales.

    For those of us who found The Chappelle show hilarious, and care about other humans, I hope he conquers whatever ailment has forced him to seek treatment.

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