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    Friday, May 13, 2005

    Heather's Back

    Today I went to lunch with my lab and Heather Blair, past lab manager and current graduate student at Colorado State University under Dr. Herbert Scweizer.

    "The Lab" had a great discussion on the merits of true music greatness, centered mostly on U2. Making hit music for more than 20 years, U2 is an example of innovation and its essential place in music lore. Many good bands role around, but only those that offer something new make money. However, even fewer survive more than a couple years--this survival stems from true innovation. A band that does not respond to the changing trends in music, but causes them in an effort to illuminate the foibles and intricacies of humanity becomes a true legendary band.

    Secondly, fame is nothing unless a tool for doing something. Bono is a tireless advocate of AIDS research and the fight against poverty. I wish more celebrities would follow in his footsteps and do something good with their money and prestige. There's definitely enough that could be done.

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