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    Saturday, February 26, 2005

    VA approves gay marriage ban

    check this at yahoo! news.

    reminds me of the early 1800s. Studying the civil war has always been a hobby of mine, and I've been a proponent for the states' rights debate since I knew there was one (states' rights v. slavery for the cause of the war). Last year I took a class on the civil war taught from a slavery perspective, and things started to make more sense. I still believe the ultimate cause was states' rights, however, realistically the two go hand in hand because slavery was life for the south and the only thing they cared about enough to excercise the power of a state over the federal govt.

    Now I'm taking a course on slavery in America. Things make so much sense when you pay attention to the years left out of your history books. Like all those years between the constitution and the war of 1812, or between the war and the missouri comp of 1821. Slowly states outlawed slavery on many different bases, some trying gradual emancipation, etc. It went first in those states that didn't have a slave society. So it is now. State by state the union tries to deal with gay marriage. It starts first in those states that don't have many. Or maybe it starts first in those states that have a gay society? That one I haven't decided yet. All I know is I don't think this is going to end with the states. It mirrors the antebellum period of the Civil War too much...

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