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    Saturday, February 26, 2005

    Egypt and Democracy

    For awhile I've wondered how many democratic countries there really are in the world. I'm disturbed by all the democracies that have only one party. How do people really voice opinions when they cannot choose? Even North Korea has "democratic" in its name, and I don't think many people would try to argue its government is such a thing.

    so, when I read that Egypt is instituting some reforms, I said yea! Not only that, but egypt is an arab country in the middle east and undoubtably has pressure from islamic fundamentalists and other arab states not to democratize. Maybe this "police action" in Iraq (with which I have had issues) has started the ball rolling down the hill.

    Iraq has had democratic elections, Saudi Arabia has followed suit, Egypt is reforming, and Israel/Palestine are talking about peace. Call me optimistic, but things are looking good. Now if only Iran would follow suit.

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