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    Friday, February 04, 2005

    Ernst Mayr Dies at 100

    So I hear some people have issues with Darwin. His theory of natural selection never said humans came from monkeys (fyi). But he did develop a groundbreaking theory on the rise of species through selection of advantageous character traits. Why this can't mesh with creationism...I dunno...but it's always been my take--call it logical--that an omniscient, omnipotent God could do pretty much anything he feels like. If that's creating the natural laws that govern this world and letting species arise by evolution or selection, so be it. In my opinion he still created them. And if it means he just created them out of thin air, "poof!" then so be that too. I seem to think he mixed both ways--for us microbiologists it's not that far fetched to see God in a white lab coat mixing together dna in a petri dish and waiting for "1000 years" until he opens the incubator and out pops man. Faniciful? yes. But I like the image...

    Anyway, Ernst Mayr was a big man in the field. Read about him here.

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