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    Monday, February 21, 2005

    Boy Scouts

    In Harris County, a judge is requesting minors (9-14 yrs old) who are convicted for non-violent misdemeanors, serve six months in the Boy Scouts, attain one rank, and have full support of parents (including taking the child to meetings on time, etc.).

    Although I'm not sure if this is blurring the line between state and private organizations too much, I like the premise. As a former scouter who obtained my eagle, I can attest to the benefits of activity in scouting. I was taught respect, friendship, hard work, love of the outdoors, the importance of service, the importance of mentoring and serving those who you have leadership over, and many other values in addition to what I was taught at home and in church. It served as another facet in molding me into (what I hope is) a responsible adult.

    So, although not everyone has to be a scout, if the BSA is ok with melding their outreach program to help convicted juveniles, then I am all for it. The children will not only be punished for their actions, but may have life changing experiences that will benefit them and their families.

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