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    Wednesday, February 23, 2005

    Jacko's Jury

    So, they've found Jacko's jury. My question is this: Will any verdict this jury reaches be forever "asterisked" (to use a MLB term) because there are no african-americans on it?

    Since the premise of our jury system is a trial by our peers, it comes down to the definition of peer. If you mean fellow americans, then he's ok. But if you're going to make that argument, then I think the jury should be 6 men and 6 women, 4 caucasian, 3 african-american, 2 hispanic, and 1 asian, not 4 men and 8 women, and the racial makeup that it is. You should also have an openly gay person, and other minority groups represented.

    OR you go the other way, and he's tried by a jury of his peers--grown-up child stars who own million dollar ranches. That would be an interesting jury...

    I guess my point is that I smell an OJ trial coming on...crazy famous people and the press...

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    MGO said...

    lol.... I almost just spit out my drink thinking about a jury full of grown up child stars, all with their own million-dollar ranches...

    How about, just for this trial, that's how we define "peer." It can be for, uh, educational value... yeah.