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    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    Vietnamese Plastic Surgery

    Caught this article at Thanh Nien News. It seems that more and more Viet Kieu, Viets that live overseas, are returning to Vietnam for breast implants and other surgeries. They are cheaper.

    Knowing how extremely popular plastic surgery is to the Vietnamese people in California, it does not surprise me that they would start to come back here for it. Nor does it surprise me that they want it, because the Vietnamese are often a very superficial people.

    90% of all Viets in America hate mexicans. Why? "Because they're fat," they say. Every Viet is worried about being fat, yet at the same time they enjoy the abundance of food in a better economy by force feeding their children until they are little sumo wrestlers. Yes, Saigon is fatter than the rest of the country, but the combination of food as a sign of wealth and infant formula as a sign of westernization has created a tragic fattening (past healthy levels) of the Vietnamese. Eventually they will catch up to the Americans.

    Plus, every Viet woman is concerned about her breasts. I've heard countless women look at westerners and ask if her (the viet woman's) breasts were pretty compared to the westerner's. Many think that they don't have enough milk to breastfeed because their breasts are small (false). In a culture where keeping your face is paramount, and people want to differentiate themselves from the country workers by keeping themselves lighter skinned and without blemish, I expect plastic surgeons to become very wealthy.

    But I guess, nothing I've said above is any different from anywhere else in the world, right?

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