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    Monday, January 09, 2006

    Texas #1 in HS and College

    You guys don't know how hard it's been to get to a computer over the last two weeks. However, now that things are settling down, and i know where some computers are, I think i will get back to a bit of regular blogging. Plus, with the mining accident, alito's confirmation coming up, and everything else that's blown me by, i've gotta put in my two cents.

    First, hurrah for the Longhorns. I, like so many others of you, I'm sure, have been utterly sick of hearing about USC this past season. Yes, I know they were good. Yes, I know they won last year's national championship, but come on, it was too much.

    Look at it this way: Technically, the BCS champion of two years ago was LSU, not USC, meaning USC was NOT going for a three-peat this season like all the self-absorbed sportswrites/casters seemed to want to point out every three minutes.

    Secondly, USC's defense was not that great. They barely, and I mean barely, beat Notre Dame, which got spanked by Ohio State. Life, which is football in Texas, so I mean college football, is a game of matchups, and when properly played, can give a technically inferior (on paper) team a win, because it is really superior. Only the final line counts.

    Which means that all those people dogging Pete Carroll for going for it on fourth and two need to (in the words of Black Bush) "shut the **** up." (P.S. If you haven't watched that skit by Dave Chappell yet, I highly recommend it ... but it does have language issues). It was that gutsiness that won the day in South Bend, and you can't begrudge a coach for going to lendale white for two measely yards when USC undoubtably had a high octane offense with an amazing running back going for it. If he had made it he'd be hailed a genius. Hypocrits.

    What it also means is that people who say that USC was the better team but lost are also stupid. Give me a break. That mentality was also shown after USC's beating of Notre Dame--ND was the better team but USC got lucky. Sorry boys and girls, but luck is a part of everything. The three fates from greek mythology weave our lives in an amazing tapestry, and they can use any color, any patter, and any length that they want. We just have to deal with it.

    So no, USC was not the better team out there. You could say Texas was the better team for the first half and be right. You could say USC was the better team over the first three quarters, and you'd be right again. But a game is a full 60 minutes, and if you come away with less points at the end, then you played worse than your opponent over the 60 minute span. Buck up and get over it.

    Which brings me to my final point--eat your pie ESPN! I've wanted to hurl the last month as they ranked the 2005 USC Trojans among the top ten best college teams of the last 50 years. The final ranking put them third (although it wasn't unanimous--they could have been higher). Well if that bull is correct (which you can tell I disagree with) than Texas must be 1 or 2 because it beat USC, right? hmph.

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    MGO said...

    It was an awesome game to watch. And for the first time I can remember, I was there rooting for Texas. That made the game a little strange, being an Aggie and all that, but man, was it a great game. Congrats, Texas, you guys earned it!