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    Monday, January 23, 2006

    Vietnamese Motorbikes 3: The Washing

    Maybe I should make it a horror film? Kinda sounds like one. Actually it was not even close.

    The day I took my bike to get the oil changed I also got it washed. I went to a BP shop. In Vietnam, the "typical American oil companies" don't do gasoline like they do in the US. In America, when you want gas, you stop at a Shell station, Exxon station, or Chevron. But in Vietnam, most gas stations are companies called Petrolmex, or Mexigas. Maybe they're all mexican.

    I dunno. All I know is that BP shops usually do oil changes and wash bikes. Esso is a brand of oil sold at Petrolmex, and every once in a while you see a Shell shop similar to the BP shops.

    Here's the guy working on my bike.
    They drug it into the shop, basically a hollow house with tile walls, and sprayed it down, then they took it outside for "detailing," which you see here. Finally they wiped it off clean. Oh, and they readjusted my newly adjusted idle because the water blast had knocked it off-kilter again. Not bad, especially for only 9500 VND ($0.65 USD).

    P.S. In my previous posts I talked about the "BMW 700 series" of motorbikes. Well, this bike is the top of the top for luxury--the Honda @ 150cc. There's a Piaggio model this big as well, but these are more common. Still, with the Honda Dylan 150 at 98,000,000 VND, these Honda @ must be way over 150,000,000 VND.

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