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    Friday, January 27, 2006

    Blog upgrade

    So, I'm thinking of upgrading my blog. There's a couple options, and I'd like opinions.

    First, my blog deals with a couple different topics--namely Vietnam, US and international politics, and sports...and my life. There have been a variety of reasons for my keeping a semblance of anonymity (although this blog isn't that anonymous...I have my first name on it), including the fact that I often talk about political issues. These don't directly lambast any particular country besides my own, but I've never said I'm going to be flattering to all I write about either. With America, I reserve the right to throw it through the ringer every chance I get.

    So, secondly, that means that any change must preserve or enhance my anonymity. Enhance is preferable. However, these changes don't necessarily do that.

    One, I was thinking of switching to typepad or somewhere with an advanced account so I can have hosting space--the ability to modify my blog a little more.

    Including, two, the ability to post audio or video. Something I've really wanted to do for some time is start a podcast on US-Vietnam politics and the unrelated topic of health care (hey, I'm going to be a doctor). In order to do that, I need server space to hold my podcasts.

    Now I've heard of videocasting. That inrigues me, because it is the way of the future. If I can reconcile anonymity with video, I'd love to go there.

    So, what do you readers think...I know you're out there. Send me a personal email if you know it or just comment (for the benefit of those who don't know my email). I want to know your opinions on the direction of this blog, additions/deletions, video and/or audio, podcasts, etc. Please be detailed and critical. Thanks.

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    MGO said...

    I can't say I know anything about the various web hosting services out there, but I think a videocast from Vietnam is a very cool idea. Keep me posted.