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    Wednesday, December 21, 2005

    What's up with trucks? And guilty cyclist killers should not be let off from responsibility!

    Can someone tell me why truck drivers feel the need to drive on the shoulder of the road? Certain states have laws that require a certain distance between a moving vehicle and a cyclist. How would such a law be enforced? IT WILL NOT BE ENFORCED! If high way patrol men and women do not adequately regulate highway speeds, how will local police forces regulate vehicle/bicycle laws? It appears that local police forces try to hide and catch drivers speeding on roads that have 30 MPH speed limits. Maybe in driver's education an empahsis should be placed on bicycle safety.

    Topic two. If you hit a cyclist with a car/truck and kill them, you should pay your debt to society, cyclists in general, and the public. Don't play the "I was having a neurological disorder and hit a cyclist." NO, NO, NO. If you are driving a car, you should be in FULL mental capacity. If not, DON'T BLOODY DRIVE A CAR! AGAIN, I say. If you don't have a full mental capacity, DON'T DRIVE A CAR.

    Till next time, Happy riding.

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