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    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    A new Writer

    I want to give a hearty welcome to the newest member of The Bleeding Ear--the Anonymous Cyclist. I know him/her well, and we share a love for cycling (albeit he/she's much better and more versed in it than I am). Because of that, I feel it's a perfect match--often our ears bleed as we discuss the idiocies of people in cycling or outside it.

    His/her inaugural post on sharing the road can be found right below this post (here). I will continue to post the typical things that interest me, and more cycling posts will follow -- this will be good during the Tour de France (possibly my favorite sporting event) because of his/her depth of knowledge and backing of T'Mobile (I like Discovery Channel).

    And so, without further ado, The Bleeding Ear welcomes the Anonymous Cyclist.

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