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    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    Cyclists, Vehicles, and Why pieces of forged metal cost SOO much!

    What do you get when you place a one ton car driven by an underaged driver, an infinately long road, and a cyclist riding a sweet Dura-Ace 10 and sub-1 kilo carbon frame?


    For some odd reason, I never read in the driver's handbook that cars have COMPLETE reign of the road. Why can't the cars move over? What does it take to give 3 feet to a cyclist? maybe only 2 feet! Or do you all love BLOOD of cyclists running freely in the streets? Is it because you can't take the sight of a healthy cyclist who'd rather sit on a 8 inch by 2 inch saddle instead of an armchair? Or is it the lycra? Or maybe it is the cost of buying and maintaining a bike?

    Cost. See that wonderful little picture I placed in this article. Imagine that you would have to work over 160 hours at McDonalds to pay for just those parts of a VERY good road bike. Now let's add the cost of a frame (sub-1 kilo). 256+ hours. Add the fork. 65+ hours. Why? We are only talking about carbon, aluminum, and a tad bit of titanium. Yeah yeah. I have heard the excuses. Here is a good one. The new Airbus fleet production has limited the amount of carbon to be used in the cycling industry. Meaning. We poor cyclists will have to either pay highly inflated prices or suffer with roads that need to be better maintained all the while being on guard against the underage drivers who believe the ENTIRE road from curb to curb belongs to them.

    Happy riding!


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