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    Tuesday, December 27, 2005

    Merry Christmas

    I hope everyone had a merry christmas. We came from the state in the union with the most flu sicknesses, and it struck us right before we left. SO, my wife and I have been under the weather this christmas season, but it hasn't stopped us from partaking in the spirit of christmas--the fun, the family, the love, and the Lord. Giving of gifts is always better than receiving--I love to see people's faces when they get what they want.

    For the record, I am now a millionaire--I asked for a million bucks and got it in my stocking.

    Here's my stocking. Hackisack, tangerines, candy cane, book of brain teasers, gift card, and breath mints.

    Also, we saw

    The Chronicles of Narnia, a great children's movie--well, movie of all ages--and a must see. It started out slow, but finishes really strong. C.S. Lewis' christian archetypes are fun to spot in the movie.

    For those of you who celebrate christmas, here's one last Merry Christmas, otherwise Happy Chaunakkah, Happy Kwanza, or whatever you wish to do during the holiday season.

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