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    Thursday, December 22, 2005

    Blogging Hiatus

    Well, we survived finals, moving, and now Christmas is upon us. Sorry if the blogging has been and will be light for awhile -- boxing up a whole house while caring for a wife with the flu and tying up loose ends at work seem to make one busy.

    Anyway, now is the time to sit back, take a deep breath, complain about things, and remember blessings. I'm thankful to have a family to visit for Christmas.

    I'm complaining about the Las Vegas Bowl. First, why does Las Vegas get a bowl? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so don't tell me. Second, these small bowls are stupid anyway. Does anyone beside me get the anticlimatic feeling of watching nothing when I watch these minor bowls? It's like feeling sad for the kid who tries really hard to get an A on his test hoping that he can get an A in class while you know that even if he gets 100%, he still comes away with a B. All you can do is shake your head and say, "Hey, on the bright side you grew from the effort." Small bowl games are like this. Students and alumni of the teams playing have some small vested interest in the outcome--from pride's sake--but in reality everyone watches the games waiting for the one or two awesome plays they can ooo and ah about while wondering "why does it take so long to get to January 4th"?

    Third, this Las Vegas Bowl sucked. Brigham Young University tackles about as well as a Utah High School team (not a Texas team, because I KNOW high school's in Texas LIVE football), and the referees were horrible. I try to give allowance for missed calls--we are human after all--but the two times they changed calls on replay were unconscionable. Sickening. Easily took 7 points away from BYU on the first call and gave 7 points to CAL on the second. Cal won by 7 points ... so that 14 point swing is huge.

    Either way, I wasted the last 4 hours of my life.

    Well, I wish you all a very merry christmas or whatever you plan on doing with your holiday season.

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