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    Monday, August 29, 2005

    Some things I think I think

    Ok, I plagarized the title (sort of) from Peter King of Sports Illustrated. It fits this post.

    1. I think Brigitte Quinn is a horrible anchor and I am dumber every time I watch her.

    Has anyone ever bothered to watch CNN and FOX around the same time? I compared coverage about Hurricane Katrina this morning (8-9am MST) and found drastic differences in the type of coverage. FOX was all fluff...ugh.

    2. I think CNN Headline News beats Brigitte in the idiocy category with Nancy Grace.

    Ok, Greta Van Susteren has covered Natalie Holoway as if she were Greta's own daughter, and yes, her bottom jaw never moves when she talks, but at least she doesn't state the obvious, ask stupid questions she answers herself, and wastes my brain cells to the same extent that Nancy does. Just thinking of it makes me want to slit my wrists.

    2a. And what's with having to get another blond chick to do the legal spot anyway? A mirror image of Greta? Come on, I want someone different. We don't get enough of an Asian perspective. Where are the Asian male lawyers?? I want a Viet law anchor...

    3. I think we should all download Google Talk.

    Right now, it's a little minimalistic on the attributes, but with it's open source code and tie-in to everything else google, I predict it will soon be the Instant Messenger of choice. It will have the ability to connect to Yahoo! Messenger and AIM and Microsoft very soon and then nobody will mind switching over their large buddy lists.

    4. We should all buy Google stock.

    They have a search engine, and desktop tool that they want to be indispensible, and a new IM...and 1.5 million new shares of stock in order to raise $4 billion in capital. Can anybody say Google OS by 2010?

    5. I HATE Provo during the Fall.

    Every year, at the end of August, new freshman and returning students descend on the small, quiet town of Provo, UT in droves. Like locusts they suffocate ME and others who live here during the summer, buying all the food at the stores, renting over-crowded dilapidated apartments for outrageously high prices, and turning a great campus and city into a nightmare. I almost got hit three times last night as blond-haired girls in Abercrombie & Fitch shirts zipped around carelessly in their daddy's-money BMWs. I'm getting sicker...

    6. BYU's Administration more than offsets in stupidity the brilliance of it's professors and students.

    I have been at BYU since 1998, and every year I am amazed that BYU's administration can get stupider. You'd think there'd be a law of diminishing returns somewhere. I.E. if you do enough stupid things, change in stupidity gets less each time. However, there's not. BYU administration has heard for years that parking is horrible (because of Provo) and last year they raised parking prices to cover free bus passes. That was fiscally responsible. But they follow it up this year with free parking passes and $60 bus passes. Illogical?? I think so. Now, everyone and their dog tries to drive up to campus, filling all the parking spots, the streets, and wherever else they can park.

    It took me 40 minutes to find a parking spot today, and I have an "A" sticker (which means I, as staff, can park anywhere). I hope somebody in the administration gets fired.

    Here's some pics of the congestion in this once peaceful university...

    Intersection at my house.

    A once empty parking lot (see how they expanded onto dirt).

    Our nemesis the Provo Parking guy who tickets all those parked illegaly on the side of the street.

    Even the faculty lot was totally full.

    Reminds me of Vietnam.

    Like ants in a hive, they swarm like pests.

    7. Finally, I think Vietnam's freeing of 28 Montagnards in celebration of 60 years of independence on 2 Sept 2005 is shallow and weak. This measure doesn't change the record of human rights violations. I will have more on this in another post.

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