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    Tuesday, August 16, 2005

    My wife is coming home

    My wife flies home tomorrow. She will arrive in Utah late Wednesday. Finally, after 7 long weeks in Vietnam, she is returning. I didn't understand how much I'd miss her until now. My place has calmed down, cousins and other relatives returned to their homes, and I am all alone...waiting for my wife. I love her tremendously. Here are some pictures of the resort she stayed at in Phan Thiet. I would love to add pics of my wife and family, but she would kill me ...

    This is the bird at the dining room that always said "Welcome."

    This is a shot over the rooftops towards the beach.

    This is the pool at their resort.

    My wife said everyone loved the beaches and the city once they got used to the smell of nước mắm.

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    VietPundit said...

    Congrats on your reunion. Have fun! But don't forget to blog, ok? :-)