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    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    Free Opera Registration

    You probably remember how much I love Opera. The Opera Web Browser, that is. Partly because I think IE is way behind the times, and partly because I'm not a fan of microsoft anyway.

    But regardless of my personal beliefs, Opera has turned 10 years old. As a gift, it is giving away free registration codes to anyone who wants one until the party ends (midnight, EST, 1 Sept 2005).

    So, to get a free version of Opera, go to the party website and click on the "go free now!" button in the top right part of your screen. You'll go to a page where you can send Opera an email. They will send you a response with a registration code.

    The other way of getting the code is to send an email to registerme "at" opera "dot" com (wrote it like that to keep the spammerbots from finding the address).

    Have fun with your new, full version of Opera 8.0!!

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