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    Friday, March 11, 2005

    Stem Cell Research Bill

    Today I was made aware of a new bill submitted to committee 12 days ago in the Senate. Bill s.471 legislates stem cell research under three circumstances:

    1) cells must be from fertilization clinics and in excess to what was needed
    2) no further use would ever happen and they would be discarded
    3) individuals who gave the embryos sign written consent without monetary inducement

    The bill looks very well written to me. I think it basically comes down to an ethical vote. Do you think embryonic stem cell research is ethical?

    I agree with stem cell research. My own personal beliefs and my microbiological training argues that stem cell research helps the greater good of humanity at the cost of a few cells that are not sentient.

    Opponents who fear this will result in wanton slaying of babies must realize what one geneticist who works with diabetes told my coworker: stem cell research is good, but not widely necessary yet. "Why would I use that when I can inject mice, wait, cut open their spleens and look at them. Later, when we've found something that works, we can find homologs and then stem cells will be of real use."

    Of course, this wouldn't be a debate if everyone agreed with me, but I argue this:

    would you let a real estate agent instruct you on picking out a car? No, he instructs you on picking out houses. Heck, you wouldn't even trust a Ford dealer to instruct you on picking out Toyotas. So why would you listen to someone who's not a doctor (i.e. a real estate agent) on stem cell research (a car)? Heck, you shouldn't even listen to an environmental biologist (Ford dealer) when dealing with genetics (a Toyota).

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