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    Monday, March 14, 2005

    The Court

    I've been worried about what I see as the increasing political activism on the US supreme court. It was topped off by justifying a ban on juvenile death sentences based on other countries' laws.

    Now here what Justice Scalia has to say.

    I agree. I think we look to the court to legislate things in our favor, we whine, and then look to them as mommy and daddy, instead of saying "hey, the constitution doesn't really talk about this. It wasn't in the framers' scope. Let's convince our fellow citizens, put it on a ballot, and pass a law." That's the way it should be done.

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    MGO said...

    I like Scalia. He writes the most syllogistically and actually uses the written constitution as a basis of his decisions.

    Of course, this sometimes drives some of my friends here nuts, because the argument is logical, but the outcome is not what they want (but, to be fair, even if it's perfectly logical, it depends on the facts and the rule that you choose to recognize.)