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    Thursday, March 03, 2005

    Georgia Tech

    Alright, this might insite response, but I feel pretty confident in this statement.

    Assuming Georgia Tech makes the Dance, they are my sleeper pick to go the distance.

    Quote me on it. Not that Georgia tech is the best team in the land--Illinois has the record for that, UNC has the offense, and a couple others might be worthy of 1st seeds in the tourney--but BJ Elder and Jared Jack impress me every time they step on the floor.

    Nobody should forget their run last year, and the cast is the same this year. GT went 4-5 without Elder this season, and are currently 16-10. If he had been there, you could reasonably see GT at 20-6 or 21-5. The WF v GT matchup last night would have been far more pressurized with a #1 seed on the line.

    Anyway, remember GT. They won't be the favorites, but if they make it, I could see this 10-12 seed going the distance.

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