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    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Turmoil in Oaxaca

    Please, please read this excellent post by Mark in Mexico. He has updates here, here, and here. This really irks me. Not what he talks about, but that I haven't heard about it before now.
    I'm reminded of a quote by Dave Chappelle in Black Bush ... It starts with "shut" and ends with "up"

    My wife and I were just remarking the other day about how dumb we feel listening to CNN or Fox. This last weekend, Fox spent 80% of it's coverage on the failed terror attack on New York City that was planned for three years ago and was never tried. Who cares??!!?? Ok, telling me about it once, I can understand, but for 80% of your coverage all day?? Give me a freaking headache.

    So what do they do with the rest of their time? FOX tells me about the Duke lacross rape trial. Like I care. It's a rape trial. It hasn't even gone to trial. It's just a case. Granted, it may have caused a stir in Durham, where most people are black and most Duke students are white or asian, but I don't live their and never will. I never want to heard about the trial again, let alone hours of idiots pontificating about whether the DA has a case or not. I'm reminded of a quote by Dave Chappelle in Black Bush when he's at the podium talking about the UN. It starts with "shut" and ends with "up."

    Mexico has issues. Serious issues. Besides this teacher strike, its own southern border is proving a little too porous for its own good. That is news worth telling us about, FOX, CNN. Until then, I look to the blogosphere.

    P.S. I was led to Mark in Mexico by The Glittering Eye (not related to me, The Bleeding Ear). Check it out too.


    Anonymous said...

    you and your wife miss the bigger picture. It's really sad how you're both so ignorant.

    Anonymous said...

    "hours of idiots pontificating"

    ... and yet you sat there and watched the whole thing. That alone speaks volumes.

    Triet said...

    I don't know if I should deign to respond, but I will.

    First, who are you to respond in such an obtuse manner while hiding behind "Anonymous"? I have my blog set up to allow you to type in a name. If you're going to call my wife and I "ignorant" and resort to such puerile comments instead of starting a worthwhile intellectual debate, then at least have some guts and do it under your name.

    Second, I did not watch the whole thing. Who in their right mind would watch a whole day of FOX or CNN anyway?? But I can flip back and forth while watching other shows, pay attention to what FOX reports they will talk about in the next show, and read synopses of their shows online.

    And most importantly, if you have ever read this blog before, you should know that I welcome other opinions, provided they are expressed and backed up clearly. If my wife and I miss the bigger picture, please explain your opinion and let us know. We're not so recalcitrant that we cannot change or improve. But, again, to resort to such base language wastes my time and those that read this blog.