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    Saturday, June 17, 2006

    Mystic River

    Last night my wife and I finally saw the movie Mystic River. Rent it edited. Generally, I am against editing, but this is a movie where CleanFlicks does a service. Cinematically, the movie is solid. The plot is interesting, acting well done, scenes filmed and edited well.

    Mystic River uses language almost as colorful as a Quentin Tarantino film

    Language ... profuse. I grew up in Houston, and have heard enough colorful language in my day to not flinch to much when someone drops the "f-bomb" or something, but I choose personally to associate with people who language is clean. My wife even more so. She grew up around clean language and so any foul language really irks her.

    Anyway, Mystic River uses language almost as colorful as a Quentin Tarantino film. Do yourself a favor, get a copy with the language edited (it's the only thing that needs editing) and watch the movie. Great movie. Really leaves you thinking about life, choices, and luck.

    Secondly, pedophiles are sick. Dave's abuse and escape as a child is a central theme to the movie and Tim Robbins does an amazing job portraying the psychological scars an incident can leave. So, all morning I've thought about "girl-lovers" and "boy-lovers" and how my stomach turns. I won't give you any hyperlinks, but I'm sure you could google the terms if you want. Those terms are becoming the two terms of choice for advocates of legalizing pedophilia.

    Here's the situation. In western society, specifically America, homosexuality was considered deviant behavior and a psychological disorder for years, centuries. However, in 1973, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) decided to remove homosexuality from the list of psychiatric disorders. There were reasons for this. Some thought it was a disorder. Others thought it was, but labeling it as such brought discrimination against homosexuals. Whatever the personal reason, psychologists at the APA removed it in 1973 and since then homosexuality has gone from hidden, to marginalized, to tolerated, to accepted, and finally to the point of turning into a civil rights movement (marriage).

    Pedophiles have seen this and want to do the same thing. They understand that if they can get the APA to remove pedophilia as a disorder,

    homosexuality has gone from hidden, to marginalized, to tolerated, to accepted

    they can start on the same path towards acceptance. I am sort of open to bending the legal age of consent...it's always difficult to say "hey, at this age you can accept and act on your feelings but not before," but children are just unacceptable. Children are pure. They are innocent. They are definitely not sexually developed, and anyone who argues feelings or actions with them are normal is NOT.

    I had a friend named Amanda who was sexually assaulted in college by someone close to her. I remember the nights my friend Rob and I spent talking with her, helping her deal with her feelings. I remember poignantly how she related her feeling of causing it, and being so dirty afterwards--always wanting to shower but never feeling clean. And Amanda was an adult. I can only imagine how a child would or would not deal with these issues.

    So, watch Mystic River (edited) and oppose mainstreaming pedophilia. It's a stronger movement than most people think. Nip it in the bud before it grows more. Contact the APA (here).

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