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    Monday, June 19, 2006

    Father's Day

    My wife made an astute comment yesterday.

    "You better celebrate Father's day because men only get one day a year, and women get two."

    I haven't looked at a list of holidays, but it seems to ring true. Men get father's day and women get both mother's day and international women's day. Always the short end of the stick... just kidding.

    Actually, I'm not a father but I love Father's Day. Two reasons:

    First, I have a great father role model. My father is a great man, and although as a little kid I hated his disciplinarian style (and loved his coaching of my little league teams) I find myself turning into him more and more, and wanting to be like him. My father grew up in a small town, and brings a farm work ethic to life. He changed religions when he was 17, and that moral/religious conviction drives his life. He has always been a good role model as a father and husband, hard worker, always volunteering to help people, a genuine love for others, for God, and family. I hope that today, for father's day, everyone can celebrate the father's in your lives, and hopefully you have one as good as mine.

    Second, what a better tradition than watching the US Open on Father's Day. I love the fight. I love golf and it's family legacy. So often the golfer got his start because of his dad. His dad caddies for him. His dad cheers him on. I don't golf much, but I love being out on the course, especially with my father and brothers, just able to enjoy the scene, relax, and enjoy the company. It's a great game.

    Happy Father's Day.


    Lacie Rhiannon said...


    I was just talking to Virtual Doug and he lead me to the bleeding ear. He said that you were in Provo and married to a viet woman.

    Maybe first I should introduce myslef. I used to live in Provo with my ex-Husband, a viet, from Hanoi. He went to the Y to finish up his masters. and just like you it seems searching out other Viet bloggs or bloggers.

    I am LDS too and am just looking to make other contacts. Are you active in the VIet club at the Y?If you watch Paris by night you may know my ex. He is the sax player and has sang on 1 edition with Trung. His name is Nguyen Hoai Phuong.

    Anyway, Hope to get to know you better. I do lost of Viet cooking parties so we could get together and eat somtime.

    Lacie, Thao Huong

    Triet said...


    I think I have met you if you ex was Phuong. Yes, my wife and I used to be very active in the BYU VSA. She was president (2004-05) and I was the PR director. I think I may have seen you and your children at a branch party in Taylorsville a couple years ago??

    It's really nice to hear from you again. Unfortunately, my wife and I are moving to Houston, Texas on July 1st, but if you're around before then, we'd love to get together.